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Pidgin English & Thoughts from a Nigerian American

If you talk to a man [woman] in a language he [she] understands, that goes to his [her] head. If you talk to him [her] in his [her] language, that goes to his [her] heart. -Nelson Mandela

As a Nigerian American born in the U.S. and raised predominantly by a Black-American woman, I did not learn my tribal language of Igbo, let alone Pidgin English, and I still don’t have a mastery of either based on the predominantly white, American spaces I encounter. When my brother and I did spend time with our Nigerian father and Black American step-mother, we did not speak Igbo or Pidgin English. For us Africans that grow up in bi-continental homes, identity formation and the ac...

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Nigeria fuel scarcity: Situation for some areas don better

According to tori weh I see for BBC pidgin, deh talk say lines don dey disappear from filling stations for Lagos, Nigeria after fuel scarcity bin nack di country. Since dem no fit seat down for one place na, na so the BBC News Pidgin people carry small fuel weh dem for use do happy chrismas for me take de waka about inside lagos sake of say them wan observe weda the fuel situation don implove. After tham, they come go seat down write for on top of their website talk say fuel dey for parts of Lagos Island and mainland areas like Yaba and Surulere. Di lines of people wey wan buy fuel don come down too. According to them, Dis tori different from wetin bin dey ground some days ago even up till C...

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Merry Krismas

I just wan wish every body happy krismas. My prayer be say make God bless una like say tomorrow no deh.

I no Know no de ohh

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